Grande Isle Apartments - PARKING VIOLATION

Murrieta, California 0 comments

I have lived in the Grande Isle Apartments in Murrieta, CA for 2 years.In this time I have paid each month for covered parking.

I went to the bank on a Saturday morning, a 15 min trip, and upon my return another vehicle had parked in my space. I just thought someone would only be there for a few minutes so I found a space where anyone could park and went up stairs to my unit. After an hour I came back down to move my car and the other one was still sitting in my space. Now this is where it gets interested and what really pissed me off.

I went to the office to complain about the violation and was told if I wanted the vehicle towed, according to the warning signs posted, that I would have to pay for the towing of the vehicle.

When I asked why, I was told that is the way management has sat it up.This is BS since I pay for this spot and the management will not step forward to help it on tenants that pay them there salaries.

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